Asana Vs Jira

Our team uses Jira, which seems like the best process-support for software development.

But Product Managers are now using Asana, in theory for non-software or pre-software tasks.

Having both seems like a source of noise/confusion.

Because we also use Confluence, my preference is to keep that and Jira as the system-of-record. And thus be wary of putting any detailed notes into Asana.

But then why use Asana?

  • much faster: Jira is sooo slow, breaks your flow/focus
  • Asana lets you drag tasks around in any order (Jira lets you do that in some views)
  • Asana gives you Sections (which we use instead of SubTasks) to get a sense of Phases of work
  • Asana's "My Tasks" view is actually useful

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