Baby Monitor

we're the crazy parents using a Baby Monitor when our youngest is 5! (Parent-Hood)

The bloody things drive me nuts. And they seem to wear out, where all the sudden you start getting lots of interference. The joys of RF in NYC (like Cordless Phone).

There are some monitors that do 2.4GHz now, but I'm afraid that will interfere with our WiFi.

  • the Summer Infant SecureSounds says it's "digital" which I hope means it can be a little smarter about avoiding WiFi problems. But who knows? So I wrote to ask about it. Also about the lack of 2 receivers - we have 2 main listening locations, and don't want to suck up batteries or drag receivers and cords back and forth.

  • the FirstYears' Clear And Near has the same issues, and I definitely see complaints about WiFi interference in the online reviews.

  • Fisher Price has similar problems

Might have to settle for 900MHz

  • some like the Fisher Price Private Connection - and it comes with dual receivers.

    • this is what we bought - after 1 night it seems pretty good, though Jihi is never satisfied. (Product Review)

      • seems to have gotten worse after just a couple nights - have it turned up rather high (e.g. loud static) to be able to hear.

Jan'2007 update: note Graco iMonitor which has DSS.

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