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  • Oct'2012 talk: Now some of you may know I used to say words like “user AweSome ” or “user Kicking Ass” (Kick-Ass) or “user Passionate ” I don’t really tend to use those words anymore because it’s really easy to misinterpret that as yet another “we made the customer feel good” or ‘he likes us.” It’s too easy to focus back on the company again. This isn’t about focusing on what the user thinks of you. It’s about what the user is able to do, and to be able to become Bad-Ass.

Kathy Sierra 2015 book ISBN:1491919019


Imagine someone forced you to create a new bestselling product or service.

What attributes do the bestsellers have that their competitors don’t?

Does the best product win?

Tolerance for problems is a function of desirability

Sustained bestsellers are recommended.

In this book we mean “recommended” literally. When we say word of mouth (WOM) think only of honest, nonincentivized comments about either the product or the results the user got with it.

the real question is: what inspires those recommendations?

It’s about how the user feels about himself, in the context of whatever it is our product, service, cause helps him do and be.

Instead of looking for common attributes across successful products, we must look for common attributes across successful users of those products.

Our users don’t bask in the glow of our awesome product. Our product basks in the glow of our users’ result with it.

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