Front-end for a Retail Bank.

  • partners with Ban Corp - is that permanently exclusive?

Changed name to just "Simple" in Nov'2011

As of Aug'2012

  • For IOS users only!
  • You do all charging through a Visa Debit Card.
  • Free ATM use through All Point network.
  • Doesn't do joint accounts!

Feb'2014: bought by BBVA

  • Ran into many problems and difficulties caused by being built on top of Bancorp, not owning their own rails, and starting on the retail side. Simple could never build the infrastructure they needed for the product they really wanted to ship because what they have is not a bank account as people understand it. BBVA will change that... it seems like they didn’t become a bank because along the way, at every step, it appeared to be the wrong choice — why build infrastructure when seemingly there are off-the-shelf options? But when one looks at the course of the company in aggregate and all the trouble they had with their service providers (I think they restarted their integrations three times), it would likely have been easier for them and better for their customers (not to mention their shareholders) if they had gone down the bank route.

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