Chaos Magick

Chaos Magick had its inception in the late 1970s when Pete Carroll began to meld together elements of Golden Dawn ceremonial magick, Thelema, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism in his articles for the magickal journal, The New Equinox. The inspiration for this synthesis was the work of the obscure, early twentieth-century artist and sorcerer Austin Osman Spare. Spare had developed what he called the technique of SentientLetters. Pete Carroll reformed the technique, and the sentient letters were recast as 'sigils'; they became the basis of a system which aimed to generate results through the application of undogmatic magickal technique.

"Chaoists usually accept the meta-belief that Belief is a tool for achieving effects; it is not an end in itself." Pete Carroll in

A Personal View by Pete Carroll: For about a millennia and a half the existence of "God" was an incontrovertible fact of life in Christendom... I assert that we now live under a collective obsession which is even more powerful and will appear equally limiting and ridiculous to future historians... The dominant belief in all Western Cultures is that this universe runs on material causality and is thus comprehensible to reason... The main thrust of my Chaoism is against the doctrine of material causality and secondarily against most of the nonsense that passes for modern psychology...Few people noticed that in the 1930`s a serious crack was discovered in the fabric of material causality which, on the grounds of faith alone, was supposed to cover everything. This crack was called Quantum Physics, and it was pre-eminently Niels Bohr who, with his Copenhagen Interpretation, poked a finger into the crack and pried open a wrap to reveal a different reality... The majority of straight scientists find quantum physics as distasteful as a priest would find Witch Craft... Quantum physics says to me that not only is magic possible in a world that is infinitely Chaotic than we thought, but that magic is central to the functioning of this universe. This is a magical universe not a clockwork one... I consider that all events occur basically by magic; the apparent causality investigated by classical science is merely the more statistically reliable end of a spectrum whose other end is complete Chaos.

Principia Chaotica - The purpose of ChaosRituals is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true. In Chaos Rituals you Fake It Til You Make It, to obtain the power that a belief can provide. Afterwards, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off, and seek the requisite beliefs for whatever you want to do next, as Chaos moves you... Magic appeals to those with a great deal of hubris and a fertile imagination coupled with a strong suspicion that both reality and human condition have a game-like quality. The game is open ended (Infinite Game), and plays itself for amusement. Players can make up their own rules to some extent, and cheat by using parapsychology if desired... Philosophers have become no more than the keepers of useful sarcasms, for the secret is out that there is no secret of the universe. All is Chaos and Evolution is going nowhere in particular... Sacrifice Absolute Truth for Freedom at every opportunity.

"The first stage of seeing through the game can be a shocking enlightenment that leads either to a weary Cynicism or Buddhism. The second stage of actually applying the insight to oneself can destroy the illusion of the soul and create a magician." - Pete Carroll, quoted in Why Chaos Magicians Are Such Assholes

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