KHole 5 Doubt

KHole Report 5 (Aug'2015) on Doubt

The truth was not enough. It couldn’t keep Zuccotti Park open, it couldn’t explain Normcore, and it couldn’t keep our friendships intact. We needed something stronger. We needed magic.

Belief becomes a technology that creates change.

Chaos Magic (Chaos Magick) isn’t just believing in The Secret, it’s deciding to believe in The Secret to begin with. Mixing your own Kool-Aid, deciding how strong to make it, knowing when to drink it and when to stop, is Chaos Magic in practice. It’s radical DIY that uses reality as the only necessary operating system. This

A. Founder Mode The Start Up founder, the Kool-Aid mixer, poor-but-rich (a collapsed masculine binary). Founders turn ambient anxiety what is the future, how will we make money, what’s a good investment, etc. into specific fear in the forms of capital and employee misery

B. Forecaster Mode À la Cayce Pollard, this is someone who is ‘early’ on her time signature, who can see or sense the future or correctly intuit the knowledge of crowds.

C. Stealth Mode This person can ‘disappear in America,’ has the ability to modulate their visibility

Who was the Oracle of Delphi?

First of all, smart-ass, she was a group of people. Like many occult technologies, the oracle used the alchemical quality of group dynamics to transform inside jokes, gossip, and petty infighting into advice fit for a king.

CASE STUDY #1: PotterMore

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