Chicago Restaurant

Alas, don't get there often, eat near Barrington Il.

To-try 2022: Mi Tocaya Antojería

RickBayless places - not open on Sunday!

  • Frontera: few reservations (8wks lag on weekends) (no Open Table), mostly first-come-first-serve, but that often means getting there at 4:30 to get seated when they open at 5:30. Else you go put your name on a list and come back in 2hrs. But awesome (esp the ceviche sampler). (But a little cramped/loud environment for the price. Go for the food.)
  • Topolobampo: 8-10wk wait for reservation (on May06'2011, next days were Jun21+, and that was for 9pm and later. And yikes all tasting-menu, and the cheapest options are $90/person
    • Apr'2019: finally got in. Really good, but not sure it was worth the price. Also, they really drag it out, even if 9 courses I don't want to sit for 2.5hrs.
  • XOCO: cramped-super-casual place. Really tasty sandwiches and home-made hot chocolate

312 Chicago: probably best scallops I've ever eaten (normally not a fan); great roasted brussels sprouts

Anteprima: italian/game: very good. Crowded/informal/loud. Not as much game meat available as I expected, and I didn't even order the rabbit. The grilled octopus appetizer was fabulous - super-tasty and a great texture. The orecchiette was also very tasty.

North Pond: nice but not memorable for me

Bongo Room: excellent brunch

MK: excellent but rather pricey - closed Jun'2017

The Peasantry - Lincoln Park - not bad didn't not in a hurry to go back

Belly Q - excellent

Places I want to try:

May'2013: Contemplating affordable options for Memorial Day near Lincoln Park

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