aka Chicago Il, the Windy City

Chicago Restaurant choices

tech/health companies in Chicago/area: also Chicago Geeks

How would a New York-er live there?

Hmm, city vs Suburb-s?

  • the best High School-s in the state, per Great Schools Net, are mostly in Chicago, with a couple in towns that are really far from Chicago.

    • though the Schaumburg Il school rates pretty well.

    • weird, Warsaw is one of the "top-5" for the state, yet they only rate it a 6!?!?

General cost-of-living adjustments

  • according to this - starting with a NYC salary of $200K, you'd expect to make 10% less, but your cost-of-living would be 30% less.

  • CNN says it's an even bigger difference: that $102k in Chicago buys the same as $200k in NYC.

We don't own an AutoMobile. It seems unlikely we'd be able to manage without one (though an old friend of mine said she did it for a year, before giving in). Would one even be enough?

Rejected Living Within Chicago.

Instead will be Living In Chicago Suburbs.

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