term I use for pure pleasurable-sound of certain writing

I got it from H L Mencken: “Poetry, in fact, is two quite distinct things,” H. L. Mencken wrote in a 1920 magazine column. “It may be either or both. One is a series of words that are intrinsically musical, in clang-tint and rhythm, as the single word cellar-door is musical. The other is a series of ideas, false in themselves, that offer a means of emotional and imaginative escape from the harsh realities of everyday.”

but originally a musical term:

  • The timbre or quality of a compound musical tone, due to the relative number and intensity of the harmonics present in it; acoustic color. See clang, n., 2, harmonic, and quality. Also called clang-color.
  • partial translation of German klangfarbe, from klang noise, sound (from Old High German klanc) + farbe color

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