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  • a Brit-heavy top-100 list

Good kids' books (for <5yrsold)

A bit older - time to get Subliminal Subversive

Older kids (Young Adult)

Possible purchases Jul'2007 (boys are 9 and 7)

Ruth Chew Kids Books With Chicks

David Adler: Picture Book of... Thomas Edison too easy ISBN:0823414140

Allan Ahlberg: Man who wore all his clothes ISBN:0763614327 used ~$3

Lloyd Alexander

Butterworth: Enormous Egg ISBN:0316119202

Cooper: Magician's Boy ISBN:1416915559

Dadey: Bailey School Kids series 51 of them

Jules Feiffer (Meanwhile...)

Fleischman Mc Broom series of 10

Martin Rafe: StorytellingPrincess ISBN:0142500852

Emily Rodda Fairy Realm series

Peter Ropp: Buttons For General Washington ISBN:0876144768 and Keep The Lights Burning Abbie ISBN:0876144547 part of multi-author On My Own History series

Jon Scieszka Knights of the Kitchen Table ISBN:0142400432 part of Time Warp Trio series

Maida Silverman: Anna and the Seven Swans ISBN:0688027563 Out Of Print avail used

John Steptoe: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters ISBN:0688040454

James Thurber children's books

Chris Van Allsburg: Jumanji, PolarExpress and others

Bernard Wiseman MorrisAndBoris series looks too young

Jeanne Betancourt: PonyPals series

Judy Blume: Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing ISBN:0142408816 in Fudge series Kids Books With Chicks

Michael Bond: Bear Called Paddington ISBN:0618150714 in series

Michael Bond: Olga Da Polga series all Out Of Print

Patrick Catling: The Chocolate Touch ISBN:0688161332

CharlesDickens: Magic Fishbone Out Of Print avail used

Kathleen Duey: Unicorns Secret series

Jean Fritz: And Then What Happened Paul Revere ISBN:0698113519

Bruce Hale: HamsterOfBaskervilles ISBN:015202509X Chet Gecko series

Carolyn Marseden: GoldThreadedDress ISBN:0763629936

Mc Cully: Beautiful Warrior ISBN:0590374877 hardcover $18

Seuling: Robert And The Great Escape ISBN:0812627008 series

Sobol: Encyclopedia Brown series

Stanley: Rumpestilstskins Daughter ISBN:0064410951

Williams: Adventure Of The Little Wooden Horse hardcover at Barnes And Noble; paperback via amazon

Cowell: How To Train A Dragon ISBN:0316737372

Merlin-as-boy stories ISBN:0399237348

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