Content Bundle

Most individual-creator content subscriptions are too expensive, given that most are essentially infotainment (conversely, how many can really claim to be compelling?).

I assume "hosts" (e.g. Substack) will create bundles.

Authors will opt-in. Most in a non-exclusive way.

A bundle (bundling) will offer the subscriber some sort of fixed-price-for-cap consumption of the sources in its bundle.

An interesting question is whether Substack will let non-employees create their own bundles, like editors/curators.

Figuring out the "right" split of aggregate revenue across the sources will be an amusing challenge. Maybe bundles will tend to be clusters of similar-enough structure/length of content that a simple pageview-split will be good enough.

Jan30 toot on the mental barrier to legacy (e.g. Big News/MSM) adoption.

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