Core Transformation

one NLP book/model

training in NYC

basic model

  • there are 5 Core State-s (actually, they say there are an infinite number of them, but there are 5 clusters...)

  • you can Model a person as having different "parts" with different agendas

  • even "parts" "making" you engage in negative behaviors have a positive purpose, so you should accept/engage those parts, rather than trying to battle them

  • you can have a Dialogue which such a part to find out what it's Intended Outcome is. You can identify deeper and deeper Intended Outcome-s until you figure out which Core State that part is trying to get for you

  • then you can help that part see that it has that Core State available whenever it chooses. This sense of safety and wellness can help change the specific behaviors of that part, choosing less negative ways of getting to the same Core State.

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