Duncan Cragg

ReST/Declarative evangelist

works for ThoughtWorks


writing book Reality Web http://duncan-cragg.org/book/contents.html

uses Django, at least personally

Mobile Web ("U Web") concept http://the-u-web.org/ sounds like an OS that has all the Web2.0 stuff baked in. The U-Web enables you to intuitively share, integrate and update your friends and your right-here, right-now mobile stuff.

  • Mar'2009: So my two initial target platforms are now: Linux[[OS]] MID-s - especially Nokia's Maemo 5 - and Symbian - especially the Omnia H D. OpenGL ES 2.0 is now a requirement, and both Maemo 5 and the HD have this.

  • does his Object Web concept come before or after? (See my old semi-related Object Browser notes.)

  • The U Web has a 2D, Web 2.0 counterpart, which I called the Micro Web. It's basically the same thing as the U-Web or Universe Web, except one renders OpenGL, the other DOM via JavaScript; one uses a YAML-like notation, the other JSON; one uses UDP, the other TCP/HTTP. The Micro Web is not currently an active project.

  • Oct'2009: he now talks about a "FOREST" (Functional Observer ReST) approach. FOREST is a HttpGet-only REST Integration Pattern defined simply as: A resource's state depends on the state of other resources that it links to. This means that resource servers must also be clients in order to see those dependencies.

  • Apr'2011: this has morphed into OTS/Net Mash - ObjectTypeSpecifications: open JSON object types for people, places, dates, photos, messages, feeds, lists, galleries, user interfaces, forms, maps, calendars, etc., all linked together into the Web.

  • Jan'2013: I have a 3D environment on Android programmed in a simple but powerful declarative language which I've called "Cyrus"... So now Net Mash and Fjord are the "Cyrus app" and the "Cyrus programming language" respectively; the Object Network is now just the Cyrus network - a Web of JSON... The basic underlying model and architecture implemented in Cyrus are still called "Functional Observer" and FOREST, however.

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