Chronic-care e-health company.

Notes from Glen Tullman interview at MATTER Nov19'2018

Tullman was CEO AllScripts

  • book OnOurTerms: changing Chronic (cf e-patient)
  • son had Type1 diabetes (at 8, now 23)

Livingo doing: Diabetes, Hypertesion, weight (obesity), medicine management, later behavioral/mental

FedEx has 14k employees with diabetes

Save $100/mo each

Contra "Patient Engagement". Still Push, not OnDemand. No Agency. (cf "student engagement")

Entire industry structure and incentives are broken. Large Self-Insured employers want the change.

  • Amazon/Berkshire partnership is good sign

Even referrals are broken, doctors pushed to stay within hospital network.

  • despite outcomes, cost

New providers: TeleHealth, WalMart ($15/visit?!?), CVS clinic

Cuba senior/chronic care. Non doctors walk neighborhood and bring patient in, give them lunch, etc

Livongo: cell data ("vital narrative"), daily calls

Behavior Change at Scale: Actionable, Personalized, Timely

Treat me like a Consumer not a Patient.

Social component. Social intervention (have friend do something nice). (For his son: college roommate.)

Get doctors focused on complex stuff, not the simple/routine bits.

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