Encyclopedia Of World Problems And Human Potential

The Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential is the result of an ambitious effort, since 1972, to collect and present information on the (13K+) problems with which humanity perceives itself to be confronted (see overview Description and Commentaries). It aims to clarify the challenges such problems represent to concepts, values and development strategies. The Encyclopedia encourages the discovery of a new conceptual dynamic for understanding and action, sufficiently complex to encompass the factions, conflicts and paradigms by which people are separated - both from each other and from a promising future. http://www.uia.org/encyclopedia/volall.php

overwhelming Systems Thinking tool: every problem links to lots of others categorized by: Broader problems; Narrower problems; Related problems; Aggravates problems; Aggravated by problems; Reduced by problems. Plus "strategies".

  • This would make an interesting Graph Drawing testbed (hello RDF weenies). Actually they have a bunch of maps and VRML diagrams of loops already.

  • some meta-thinking on FeedBack loops and Metaphor

    • list of some shorter loops (3Loop=35; 4Loop=115; 5Loop=527) and some longer loops
  • and commentaries on transformative approaches

  • would like to see some meta-criticism from an outside person...


by the UIA http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_of_International_Associations

index to notes and commentaries http://www.uia.org/encyclopedia/encycom.php

rationale by Anthony Judge http://laetusinpraesens.org/docs90s/91enill.php

  • Judge's personal LaetusInPraesens site

Dec'2012 update. UIA Secretary-General Jacques de Mevius says he hopes soon to relaunch the online encyclopedia. Inexpensive web technologies and Wiki-s, developed since the last encyclopedia printing, could bring a makeover within the UIA's means, officials say. "Problems don't age," says Tomáš Fülöpp, a UIA veteran who still advises the organization. "There's no resource like it out there."

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