Graph Drawing

Drawing (visualizing) a graph (or maybe Network) dataset. See Graph Theory, Everything Is A Graph.

Many (but not all) use GML as a data format.

  • good to have SVG view?

Mind Mapping is a subset.

Piddle is is a Python module for creating two-dimensional graphics in a manner that is both cross-platform and cross-media; that is, it can support screen graphics (e.g. Quick Draw, Windows, Tk) as well as file output (PostScript, PDF, GIF, etc.).

Mathematica and its clones

Network X Python library

Corda free version

Prefuse Java -


Gliffy WebApp (!?)

  • looks like a Flash app, but does have export of JPEG/PNG/SVG
  • hey, it actually does connecting vectors that move with either end! (Unfortunately they're right-angled, not pretty curves.)

TouchGraph: for rendering, not editing

LGL/Large Graph Layout

Ubi Graph

EverNote has MohioMap

AJAX/JavaScript/HTML5 libraries? - Really want something for WikiGraph Browser.

See also manual diagram tools.

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