Akai Midi Wind Controller

I bought one to substitute for a Baritone Sax.


Hmm, does this only cover 2 octaves? Should be at least double that - the rollers don't seem to be working right. Ah, it's probably that the samples just cover that much. But I could really use another few notes on the high end...

  • Nope, dealer says should get wider range
  • Jan05'2011 - try again, still no luck - contact various non-dealer support folks
    • also run Midi Monitor app, confirm that I'm only sending D1 or D2 regardless of thumb position variations (sitting between 2 rollers, on any single roller alone, completely off rollers).
    • emailed them. A week later got a "we got busy, if you still need help try calling us".
  • Feb'2011
    • called after hours, left message
    • called again during day, bot said "wait time is 67 minutes". Luckily it was only 20min. Once I said I had already done a reset, they said there was nothing else to do (it's such a simple device), so I should send it back.
  • Mar30'2011 - needs part back-ordered until July, they'll just send a total replacement unit, but even that is backordered until May!
  • yay got working replacement.

Downloaded different skin for the Aria software GUI, to get slider controls.

Instrument gives lots of air resistance, which gets written about a lot. But I haven't found a single video that demonstrates/explains things.

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