Folding Text Editor On Mac

I want a Folding Text Editor equivalent to Active State Win Python running on MacOs X

Installed Mac Python.

Text Editor selection


  • in installing IDLE, note that Note that if you are running any sort of GUI application from Terminal, you must use "pythonw" not "python" to launch the script.

    • in same area, LEO install notes for MacOs X say Rename the file to leo.pyw. This tells Mac Python that leo.pyw is a GUI script that should run in its own GUI window.
  • got IDLE working, but doesn't have Folding. But at least it's available...

  • trying LEO. Got it launched. But can't just open an existing .py file...

    • ah... create new file, then Import/Into@file and pick .py - it pulls out chunks from within the .py file to make nodes (e.g. each function, etc.). So you get some outline notes. But within a given node, you don't get any Folding!

    • though it has this interesting approach to breaking up your code into smaller nodes. Which makes this an interesting kinda IDE, esp as you relate functions across .py files. Very tempting...

    • so create a new LEO file, Import a number of existing Python files, and it creates a nice structured outline

      • for some reason it put an @ignore node up at the top, so, to actually be able to save changes back out to the Python files, I had to remove that line.

      • also it seems to like identifying imported files by their full path, which doesn't work well if you're going to be moving stuff among machines with different organizations. I just edited the LEO file with an outside editor to use no path (since I keep the LEO file in the same directory as the underlying Python files), and it handles that fine.

      • Maybe if I saved the new/empty LEO file to that same directory before importing it would have left out the path?

    • ....

    • I'm liking the way the view gives you even more isolation of the current-focus than Folding does.

    • Ugh, I must be doing something wrong, because LEO generated a file with some bits not properly indented, so the logic was seriously broken until I indented a big chunk....

Want to install Buzz Outliner on my IBook.

hey, Active Python is now available!

  • I wonder if that editor has Folding?

  • Feb'2007 - still 2.4x

Ended up jumping between JEdit and Text Wrangler.

  • JEdit is clunky, slow to launch, when left running JVM eventually starts eating everything until I Kill it
  • Text Wrangler I'm pretty happy with except can't set it to always use spaces instead of tabs, so I'm always having to manually Detab my code. Also when you Fold it hides even the comment that's inline to the header you're folding on, which somewhat defeats the value of being able to browse through folded stuff quickly.

Jan'2014 - trying Sublime Text-2

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