Game Development Platform

Platform/EcoSystem for programming Computer Game. aka Game Engine

Esp for Amateur: Language For Learning Programming.

Scratch? Unity? Unreal Engine?

see 2008-12-23-WebGamePlatformContest

Mar'2012: Mark Surman on HTML-5 possibilities:

  • JonoXia’s Run Jump Build, a very simple side scroller level editor. While Run Jump Build is rudimentary at this point, it shows an important idea: web games can pull anything with a URL into a game. A picture. A sound. A video. Data. Run Jump Build is designed to let people create game levels that are made up of the web.
  • EnchantJs: a rudimentary JavaScript framework for making 2D games. What’s notable is the invitation to "fork" that is included in all the sample games. Press the ‘fork’ button and you get pushed into an editor that lets you work with the HTML, CSS and JS code that makes up the game.

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