George Orwell

author of 1984, Animal Farm, etc.

Christopher Hitchens links:

  • The Internationalist: However, having confronted the world with little except a battered typewriter and a certain resilience, he can now take posthumous credit for having 190 got the three great questions of the 20th century essentially "right." Orwell was an early and consistent foe of European imperialism and foresaw the end of colonial rule. He was one of the first to volunteer to bear arms against fascism and Nazism in Spain. And, while soldiering in Catalonia, he saw through the biggest and most seductive lie of them all -- the false promise of a radiant future of fba fered by the intellectual underlings of Stalinism.

  • |interview

  • transcript of interview

  • David Brooks review of Christopher Hitchens' WhyOrwellMatters

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