Jim Collins

author of Good To Great and Built To Last


A big question for me is whether (a) this work is really analytically valid at all (vs being comparable to In Search Of Excellence), and (b) even if (a) isn't an issue, whether it's applicable to a Start Up/SmallCo.

He says that good companies turned toward greatness when they confronted a brutal reality. He calls this the Stockdale Paradox.

He supports the Hedgehog Concept

He says

  • Shared Vision consists of Core Ideology and Envisioned Future

  • Core Ideology = Core Value-s + Core Purpose

    • how do any of these relate to the Strengths/Virtue-s of Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness?

    • Value-s to him are qualities of Intrinsic value (to the team, he doesn't address whether any values are/should-be universal): things they want to keep even if not valued by the market. "Suppose in ten years quality doesn't make a hoot of difference in our markets. Suppose the only thing that matters is sheer speed and horsepower, but not quality. Would we still want to put quality on our list of Core Value-s?" The members of the management team looked around at each other and finally said "To be honest, no."... This same group of executives then wrestled with whether it should put "leading-edge innovation" on its list of core values. The CEO asked the same question: "Would we keep it on the list as a Core Value, no matter how the world around us changes?" This time, the management team gave a resounding "Yes! We always want to do leading-edge innovation. That's who we are. It's really important to us, and always will be. No matter what. And if our current markets don't value it, we will find markets that value it."

    • Purpose is the organization's fundamental reason for being. An effective purpose reflects the importance people attach to the company's work - it taps their idealistic motivations - rather than just describing the organization's output or target customers. It captures the soul of the organization. Purpose gets at the deeper reasons for an organization's existence beyond just making money. (Passion, Shared Mission?)

  • Envisioned Future = BHAG + Vivid Description-s (Story Telling)

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