Google Book Search Settlement

Settlement in lawsuit filed by the Association of American Publishers and the Author's Guild against Google Book Search.

It focuses on books that are in-CopyRight but Out Of Print.

I think it means

  • a registry is being created to manage flows of payments between Google and "rightsholders"

  • Google can continue to show Previews/excerpts of books, paying 2/3 of the revenue to the registry

  • Google can sell full-access to the book for consumers (is this opt-in? what about the orphaned works?)

  • each rightsholder can either specify a price ("Specified Price") to offer access to the entire book, or let Google calculate the maximum-revenue-to-rightsholder-generating price ("Settlement Controlled Price"). Google pays the same % to the registry either way.

  • other groups wanting to distribute EBook-s in a similar way could go to the registry and get a similar deal. But they'd have to do their own scanning.


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