Hunter College High School

Hunter College High School

not actually on the NycSpecializedHigh School list because it isn't run by the NYC Department Of Education.

Actually starts in 7th grade. Can only enter that year!

About 3,000 students from the five boroughs of New York City are eligible to take the Hunter College High School Entrance Exam in the January of their sixth grade school year. Eligible students must first meet Hunter's standards in reading and mathematics proficiency on fifth grade standardized exams. For example, in 2007, sixth grade students who wished to enter Hunter during the 2007-2008 school year must have had achieved scores of 705 out of 795 on the CTB Reading test and 732 out of 800 on the TEM Math test taken in fifth grade. Only students who have passed Hunter's first requirements may take the Hunter entrance exam.

  • Nov'2008: must have obtained the following scores on the 5th grade NY statewide exams or other nationally standardized achievement test as follows:

    • Total Reading / ELA: NY State Test: 701 Scaled Score or 90th Percentile

    • Total Mathematics: NY State Test 744 Scaled Score or 90th Percentile

    • (I called Hunter and they said they accept pretty much any Standardized Test: Terra Nova, Iowa, ERB, etc.)

NYC Dept Of Ed definitions of tests:

  • CTB or ELA Reading: The CTB exam is given to students when they are in grades 3, 5, 6 and 7. When students are in grades 4 and 8, they take the State ELA exam. This is important when considering students in their CURRENT grades. It is especially important for student held over.

  • TEM or STM Math: In grades 4 and 8, students get the State STM exam. The TEM (Terra Nova) Math exam is given to students in grades 3, 5, 6 and 7.

The New York Specialized High School Institute (SHSI) is a free program run by the City of New York for middle school students with high test scores on city-wide tests and high report card grades. The program's original intent was to expand the population of Black (African American) and Hispanic students by offering them test-taking tips and extra lessons, however anyone can apply. As of 2006, 3,781 students are enrolled at 17 locations. They spend 16 months, starting in the summer after sixth grade, preparing for the test. (isn't that the wrong year?)


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