Daemon that generates not-quite-inspirational phrases using AI (?).

Created by Peder Jordensen.

I'm still a bit dubious about this being purely automated.... like Horse Ebooks.

Only article I've found of any value:

Another example of AI gone awry is Inspirobot. Created by Norwegian artist and coder Peder Jørgensen, the inspirational quote-generating AI creates some memes that would be incredibly bleak if the source weren’t a robot. News publications called it an AI in crisis or claimed the bot had “gone crazy.” Inspirobot’s transgression differs from Tay’s, though, because of its humor. Its deviance serves as entertainment in a world that has a low tolerance of impropriety from people, who should know better.

What the bot became was not the creator’s intention by a long shot. Jørgensen thinks the cause lies in the bot’s algorithmic core. “It is a search system that compiles the conversations and ideas of people online, analyzes them, and reshapes them into the inspirational counterpoints it deems suitable,” he explained. “Given the current state of the internet, we fear that the bot’s mood will only get worse with time.”

The creators’ attempts to moderate “its lean towards cruelty and controversy” so far have only seemed “to make it more advanced and more nihilistic.” Jørgensen says they will keep it running to see where it ends up. While its quotes may not be uplifting, I think the great irony of Inspirobot is that it creates more meaning, not less, by subverting the cliche that inspirational posters so often espouse.

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