The Digital Movie Creator Digital Camera, from the Intel Play division (since closed). I shouldn't call this thing the IntelPlay, because the division made other products, but "Digital Movie Creator" is just a horrible name.

Super-cheap Digital Video Camera. Holds 1 minute of "high-quality" video or 4 minutes of "low-fi" (can't define what those mean at the moment). Paid $40, including tax and shipping.

Tips (maybe not the right way, but what's worked so far)

  • getting a still image from a video clip. Go in the create area, play a clip, stop at the right frame, then choose the wallpaper tool. The file will be saved (as bmp, but without that extension) in the IntelPlay's "user files" folder.


  • officially it can't be used as a WebCam or for Video Conferencing. But it does stream to disk, so I wonder if it's hackable?
  • the software doesn't want to launch if the camera's not in the cradle, which could be a pain if you just want to edit/manage your stuff.
  • I wish you could kill the sounds in the camera itself (it makes a loud double-beek: when you turn it on by pressing any button; when you start video recording; and when it turns itself off after a couple minutes).
  • I wish it recharged in the cradle. I fear it will suck AAAs.
  • I wish it had an offswitch. I fear buttons will be pressed while it's inside a bag...

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