an open-source collection of integrated, but reusable apps for Django - While our initial development is focused around a demo Social Networking site, we are also working on number of editions tailored to Intranet-s, learning management (LMS?), Software Project Management and more.

List of apps, themes, etc. you can use in Pinax. - Phil Jones - You might start with Pinax but you'll probably end up wanting to throw it away and write your own Django components the moment you start wanting to do anything even slightly different.

Some of the projects include the Django Wikiapp.

Apr23'2009 decide to jump from Django into using Pinax, and working on a personal project

  • decide to make 'pinax' a subdirectory of my 'djcode' - so go into 'djcode' and do 'svn checkout pinax'

  • argh, the directory structure doesn't agree with the docs. Checking 'VERSION' file says svn gave me '0.7.0dev' not '0.5.1'.

  • sniffing around I find dev documentation for '0.7beta2'. Those install docs talk about using pip and virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper (see this bit about combining them). Ah, this is all about handling Python Library Paths. (VirtualEnv)

  • hrm, I see I can directly download the '0.5.1' version without SubVersion. So, what's it going to be?

Jun21 return to this

  • Pinax dev is at 0.7beta3 (official release is still at 0.51).

  • have to install Git (despite warnings not installing Mercurial or Baz Aar yet)

  • download the virtualenv egg and install with Easy Install

  • follow the dev installation instructions, see 'Installing pinax-admin script to /Users/billseitz/Documents/djcode/pinax/pinax-env/bin' ; continue through the pip bits. (Wow that took awhile, lots of installing...)

  • followed their first PIL instruction.

  • cloned 'social_project' as 'mysite'; get it working, hit it, get Pinax default homepage. Having done the install in the past, do this by:

    • going into 'pinax-env' directory, type 'source bin/activate'

    • 'cd mysite/'

    • 'python runserver'


  • then you log in, and get the '/about/what_next' page

  • no pre-created '/profiles' other than the admin user you created during install

  • then you can start customizing


  • notice that I don't see a Wiki anywhere within my clone of social_project (even though 'profile' page refers to now having any wiki pages)

  • list of base projects doesn't specify whether any projects include wiki.

  • a clue from Cloud27: A project is a place to manage a group of people working on a common set of tasks. It is similar to a tribe in providing a wiki and threaded discussion but is invitation only and adds issue tracking. (Issue Tracker) Joined a tribe there and found a wiki at '/wiki/' within the tribe.

  • make a tribe in my local app, add '/wiki' to its url: success!

Oct15 starting up again

project types

  • basic_project

  • code_project

  • intranet_project

  • private_beta_project

  • social_project

  • temp_group_project

Find a page with list that includes a couple new ones, including lite CMS. But not updating code yet.

Group support in Pinax allows you to define any type of group. Pinax comes bundled with two types of groups: tribes - used in social_project; projects - used in code_project. A group app can have any content object associated with it. Pinax includes several apps that are group aware: tasks; photos; wiki; topics.

Launch site I had created earlier. Get login page. Can't recall id/password. Then remember that I probably had never gotten around to re-creating an account during my MacBook rebuild. 2009-05-07-[[MacBookPerformanceProblems]]

  • try hitting '/admin/' url, get prompted for id/password. Still can't remember!

  • Followed these instructions but they didn't work. Maybe obsolete? (Didn't get any errors while doing it.) Ah, when I followed the method of the Jul02'2009 commenter, it worked.


  • trying a Django Wikiapp within Pinax.

    • using WikiCreole

      • hmm can't double-linebreak between bullets (at least not after the 1st level)

      • it doesn't seem to auto-link WikiWord-s! Have to use double-square-brackets!


  • frustrated by getting Rails On MacOsX, decide to come back to this. Just to get consistent platform working.

  • still don't remember admin password, plus instructions from link above don't work.

  • decide to upgrade components

    • go into pip-virtual env, do pip install -U Django - seems to work with v 1.2.1

    • likewise do pip install -U Pinax which seems to work with 0.9a1.

    • do cd mysite then python runserver - launches server. Hit server root, get template error.

      • hmm, is it this problem?

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