battle for space/sovereignty between Israeli and Palestinian people

establishment in 1947 and 1948.


Peace Maker Computer Game makes you solve it. Playing as either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President, you must try to satisfy the urgent needs and demands of your own people, while establishing a degree of trust on the opposite side--and, with (a great deal of) luck, an agreed resolution to the conflict.

May'2011: Tim Bray concludes that the decades-old peace-process-dream is dead for now. Let’s ignore rights and wrongs and accept what is painfully obvious: Neither side in this dispute is willing to meet the other’s requirements, and neither side can compel the other by force. So we can look forward to continued public anger. And to deaths; numbered in handfuls when maddened Palestinians launch trucks or rockets at Israelis, and in hundreds when maddened Israeli administrations launch the like of Operation Cast Lead. So sad/stupid. (Not to mention that as long as the US supports Israel, we can expect the continuation of hatred/Terrorism directed at us.)

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