Jabber is an Open Source Instant Messaging project. Unfortunately, it seems to me like there's too much attention being spent on forward-looking ideas like being an "XML router", and not enough attention paid to getting nice client apps and stable public servers.

  • the protocol is XMPP

http://www.jabber.org/ plus other sites.

listing of public servers

Jabber Server software

Jabber has server-side gateways for A[[IM]], ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo (at least). A[[IM]] and ICQ block them, though, so the gateways never work. (I haven't tried this in awhile, partially because I use Trillian now, which seemed to have this problem less, plus I use IM in general rarely these days...)

Uses VCard somehow My use:

  • Feb'02: I run a Jabber client all the time, but almost never use it, since none of my friends use it. They are almost all on A[[IM]], so I run that at the same time. A couple are on ICQ, which I prefer to A[[IM]], but don't want to run yet another damn client.

  • Nov'03: I gave up running Jabber client because A[[IM]] gateway was never working, and switched to Trillian.

  • Jan'04: Trying again, in parallel to Trillian.

  • Dec'04: Switch to GAim/AdiumX clients, get Jabber support for free.

  • 2005-2011: Keep using AdiumX, but GoogleTalk is my XMPP account.

Any WxPython-based clients?

There are some interesting thoughts out there about using Jabber as a general P2P protocol, esp when dealing with a machine which isn't a Full Peer.

One more Twisted based Jabber library --2003/10/17 19:57 GMT
twibber: http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/twibber/project/view.php

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