Jay Rosen

NYU Journalism faculty http://journalism.nyu.edu/faculty/rosen.html

author of What Are Journalists For? ISBN:0-300-08907-4

  • The Public Journalism movement emerged after the 1988 presidential election as a countermeasure against eroding trust in the news media and widespread public disillusionment (DisEngagement) with politics and Civic affairs. In this book, public journalism advocate Jay Rosen recalls the history of the movement and explains how its innovations offer an opportunity to revitalize journalism and improve civic life.

weblog at http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/

  • I am a press critic, an observer of journalism's habits, and also a writer trying to make sense of the world. I am interested in the ideas about journalism that journalists work within, and those they feel they can work without. I try to discover the consequences in the world that result from having the kind of press we do. I call this blog Press Think because that's the kind of work I do. The title points to forms of thought that identify "journalism" to itself - but also to the habit of not thinking about certain things (Master Narrative). The subatomic force that holds the pack of reporters together as they swarm around a story, there's an example of pressthink. Without it there could be no pack; the pieces would come flying apart. There is a strange energy there, holding smart people to dumb practices. http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/2003/08/18/introduction_ghost.html

Champion of Citizens Agenda.

Critic of the pseudo-objective View from Nowhere model in journalism.

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