Love Mark

Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi And Saatchi ISBN:1740454200

Jihi had heard Kevin Roberts speak at her BigCo and said he was very interesting, and I had read his Fast Company Trust Mark article way back, so thought I'd give it a try.


Intellectually a mess.

  • lovemarks is beyond trustmarks which is way beyond Branding

  • you need Respect before you can get love

  • but there's actually 2 dimensions of love (high/low) and respect (high/low)

Then there are 3 attributes of Love, or a Love Mark. With no justification for picking them. Then a bunch of examples of successful lovemarks, with unconvincing blurbs trying to explain how they fit those 3 attributes (or maybe 1 just of them, really well. Or something).

Maybe this needs to be a Multimedia presentation that washes over you impressionistically.

Update: Chris Lawler and Johnnie Moore are not thrilled, either.

Tom Peters still loves this book.

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