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tracking deals (the below are mostly quotes pulled from elsewhere)

Nielsen Company, a research competitor to Forrester Research, acquired Iag Research in April to enhance its analytical insight.

Jupiter Research was was founded in 1996 and later owned by Jupiter Media. It was acquired by MCG Capital and briefly merged with Kagan Research to form Jupiter Kagan before Kagan itself was sold off.

Jupiter Media (JUPM) acquired Media Bistro in 2007.

Jupiter Media sold the research division, once called Jupiter MediaMetrix, to MCG Capital in 2006.

In 2000 ComScore bought certain assets and the customer agreements of P C Data of Reston, Virginia. P C Data was among the earliest Web measurement firms (Web Traffic Firm), but increasing competitive challenges (including threat of a patent infringement lawsuit by industry pioneer MediaMetrix) put P C Data's future in doubt. The acquisition of P C Data's large customer base helped accelerate the growth of ComScore's syndicated measurement service, which was widely considered to be more accurate than the service that P C Data technology previously delivered.

By 2001, MediaMetrix had built a market share lead but had been unable to create a sustainable financial structure. Net Ratings, its closest competitor, was armed with strong capital reserves and announced its intention to acquire and integrate MediaMetrix. However, after several months the FTC announced its intention to block the acquisition and accordingly Net Ratings canceled the transaction. ComScore was subsequently able to acquire MediaMetrix in a deal announced in June 2002.

MediaMetrix originated as P C Meter, a business unit of market research company NPD, and began publishing statistics in January 1996. In July 1997, it changed its name to MediaMetrix, citing the desire to track a wider variety of interactive traffic. In October 1998, MediaMetrix merged with its nearest rival, Relevant Knowledge. The company went public as NASDAQ:MMXI in May 1999, reaching a market cap of $135 million on the first day of trading. In June 2000, the company acquired JupiterCommunications for $414 million in stock, and changed its name to Jupiter MediaMetrix. In the aftermath of the dot-com bubble collapse and associated downturn in internet marketing spending, Jupiter sold the MediaMetrix service to rival ComScore for $1.5 million in June 2002.

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