More Secrets Of Consulting

Book by Jerry Weinberg (early 2002). ISBN:0932633528

Continues lessons from Secrets Of Consulting, but is much more oriented toward giving the consultant tools to understand himself and others. (The title sounds more like it will discuss analytic tools or "how to write a contract" or something. Nope, this is much deeper.) Jerry has a literal toolbox in which he puts these objects/talismans, which serve to remind him to apply perceiving/thinking/relating skills which he knows he has.

In the first chapter there's a great quote from an interview someone did with Peter Block, who's written lots of books about consulting.

  • Q: what do you see as the single most important life lesson for Consultant-s?

  • A: The person is the product. Working on becoming a more Authentic, whole person is the best business strategy. We are selling an intangible service, so clients have no way of knowing what they will be getting and whether they can derive value from what they get. .. [the] more direct we are, the better human contact we make, the more centered and self aware we are, the more likely the client will see us as someone who they can lean on, someone who delivers on promises, someone they can learn from.


  • The Wisdom Box: the ability to know what's right and what's not right for me...

  • The Golden Key: the ability to open up new areas for learning and practicing, and to close them if they don't fit for me at this time...

  • The Courage Stick: the courage to try new things and risk failure

  • The Wishing Wand: the ability to ask for what I want, and if necessary, to live with not getting it.

  • The Detective Hat and Magnifying Glass: the ability to examine data and to reason about those data

  • The Yes/No Medallion: the ability to SayYes, the abilty to Say No (thank you), and the ability to mean what I say...

  • The Heart: the ability and willingness to put my heart into my work

  • The Mirror: the abilty to see myself and to seek and use feedback

  • The Telescope: the ability to see others and to bring them closer to my understanding

  • The Fish-Eye Lens: the ability to see context, what surrounds me and others and influences us as we work together. It reminds me to use the many observational and analytical tools I already have...

  • The Gyroscope: the ability to be balanced, to use all of my tools, and to be congruent or centered... Sometimes, I think that the Gyroscope is too complex a tool for my kit, but then I remember that restoring balance to my life is complex and that it is something I must always try to do

  • The Egg: the ability to grow, develop, and learn

  • The Carabiner: the ability to ensure my safety and to not take unnecessary risks - so I can take risks when necessary.

  • The Feather: the ability to tickle myself and others, and not to take things, or myself, too seriously.

  • The Hourglass: the ability to make time for the good and to make good use of time.

  • The Oxygen Mask: the symbol for a balanced life. It reminds me of my ability to breathe, which symbolizes my need to take care of myself before attempting to take care of others.

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