Observable is a platform where you can collaboratively explore, analyze, visualize, and communicate with data on the web. In this demo, you'll see how to work with your own data and discover business insights in just five minutes. https://observablehq.com/

The core Observable runtime is free and open source, while the notebook component, where people interact with data, is free but not open source.

  • Large parts of Observable are open source, but not everything. In particular the editor and compiler are closed which means that you have to use the ObservableHQ web app to author notebooks. You can however embed the resulting notebook on your own website. Observable‚Äôs web editor is fantastic and is a few years (and $M in funding) ahead of Starboard Notebook's interface. However in many situations it is necessary to own the editor and not be locked in. An example such situation is when you are exploring or visualizing data that is private to your organization. This notebook showcases a plugin for Starboard that allows you to use reactive cells just like you would in Observable. Starboard's representation is simple git-friendly text files (try view source at the top of this page) - so this can be a portable alternative.


visualization, jupyter-like "notebook" structure

CTO is Mike Bostock

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