the Open Standards part of the World Wide Web? Is this redundant?

What's the point: to have a Generative EcoSystem.

  • lots of options to Mix And Match via InterOp
  • pressure to allow data export
  • lower bar for new apps: no permission from majors (Gate Keeper, DRM/DMCA), less effort to integrate
  • easier to grow new communities with unique software (Discussion Forum, etc.), instead of "having" to integrate into Facebook to get any participation

Brad Neuberg's 2008 thoughts: Rather than a laundry list of technologies the OpenWeb is a set of philosophies... Today the above philosophy is instantiated using a particular set of technologies, including URL-s, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. However, if we define the Open Web in terms of these technologies, then we risk losing sight of what makes the web special and being able to have the intellectual nimbleness to evolve the infrastructure of the web.

Ben Ward's May'2010 thoughts: Want to know if your ‘HTML application’ is part of the web? Link me into it (URL). Not just link me to it; link me into it. Not just to the black-box frontpage. Link me to a piece of content. Show me that it can be crawled, show me that we can draw strands of silk between the resources presented in your app. That is the web: The beautiful interconnection of navigable content. If your website locks content away in a container, outside the reach of hyperlinks, you’re not building any kind of ‘web’ app. You’re doing something else. Palm WebOS applications are awesome, but they are not part of the web. An app might interact with data on the web, and they are built with similar HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. That’s great, but they are not a connected, interlinked part of the web.

Tantek Celik's Oct'2010 thoughts:

  • *open content and application publishing
  • open ability to code and implement the standards that such content depends on
  • open access to content, web-applications, web standards implementations (browsers), and the internet.*

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