Ottoman Empire

Notes started by reading the Baroque Cycle:

  • the Ottoman Empire was formed in 1283, began decline in 1683, finally defeated during World War I! It comprised Southwest Asia, North Africa and south-eastern Europe. Capital after 1483 was Constantinople/Istanbul.

  • the Jannisary-s were the household troops of the sultan. Their population ranged from 100 to 200,000. Janissaries resisted attempts to reorganise the army and in 1622 killed sultan Osman II when he planned to replace them... In 1826 the Janissaries noticed that sultan was forming a new army. Some have suggested that sultan had incited them to revolt in purpose. On June 14 - 15 1826, janissaries in Istanbul revolted but this time most of the army and of the population at large turned against them.

  • Suleiman I was sultan from 1520 to 1566.

  • Algiers is the capital of Alger Ia (in North Afr Ica).

    • for some period it was the main port of the Barbary Corsair-s (Pirate)

    • one section of it is the Cas Bah. Its main building was started in 1516.

      • More generally, kasbah denotes the walled citadel of many North African cities and towns. There is a Cas Bah in Rabat/Sale, the city (capital of Morocco) that is the focus of Pirate Utopias.

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