Baroque Cycle

trilogy of large novels by Neal Stephenson

Quick Silver, The Confusion, The System Of The World

kinda prequel to Crypto Nomicon: characters/families: Enoch Root, Waterhouse, etc.

Reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson's Historical Illuminatus Chronicles series.

Here's a list of MetaWeb annotations by page for Quick Silver

Historical novels frustrate me in making me always wonder how much is "accurate" and how much is fiction. Or even which characters are real.

some topics: Al Chemy (Magick), the English Revolution, the Royal Society Of London, Pirate-s, Watered Steel, Money, the Ottoman Empire....

some historical Natural Philosophy characters: Isaac Newton, John Wilkins, Robert Hooke, John Locke, Gottfried Leibniz, Christopher Wren...

  • it's interesting how many of these people had significant Big Government roles

Basically tapes place over the lifetime of Isaac Newton (1642-1727), and he is sometimes a major character in the books. (Though large sections go without a mention of him.)

  • There was a lot of turnover in control of Great Britain during this time. It's rather confusing keeping straight the various cross-breeding factions.

Sept23'2004 - hey, the System Of The World is out!

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