People Aggregator

a Digital Lifestyle Aggregator/Social Networking site/service that uses Open Formats.

by Marc Canter's Broadband Mechanics group

People Aggregator is for people who want to build and run social networks... We're not competiting with other Social Networking sites. We love those networks and we wish them the best of luck. But we think that the era of giant, centralized social networks is coming to an end. We feel that there will be 10,000's of social networks - even 100,000's - each dedicated to its own unique constituency, demographic and target audience. It's only when social networks are put into a Context, do they really shine. Sure wide swath horizontal social networks seem fun now - but watch the migration path that these humans are gonna take. It's inevitable. Nobody is gonna stay on MySpace for more than a year or two. They'll get bored and they'll move on. The trick is to inter-connect social networks together - so it almost doesn't matter where you are, cause you can connect, send messages, join groups, post content - anywhere.

Oct'2006 - doesn't accept my LID ID.

  • first tried entering the My Lid URI - no good

  • then added the My Lid MetaTag-s to my wiki header, and tried again. It seemed like it was working, but getting an error message.

    • I enter my wiki URI into the Live Journal form, hit Login button

    • get It seems you are coming from an OpenID auth server, but there is something wrong with your session. Please try again. (at some point I got a different page that recognized my My Lid URI and asked for my password - that hasn't happened again)

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