subset of Social Software focused on people linking to other people (in hopes of getting money or sex via WeakTies - Network Ing)

Danah Boyd aims for a definition: a category of websites with profiles, semi-persistent public commentary on the profile, and a traversable publicly articulated social network displayed in relation to the profile.

FOAF may be related

MySpace, FaceBook, Friend Ster, LinkedIn, RyZe, etc.

my take:

AmyJoKim has similar thoughts. What I see all around me now are networked social tools that have "emergent purpose." This is an old theme in new clothing - the "build it and they will come" belief that connecting people is Step 1, and the purpose and Business Model for a cool online social tool will emerge over time. I saw a lot of companies fail as they followed this ethic - particularly those that created and marketed FREE tools & services built around chat, message boards and virtual worlds. The companies who made real money connecting people online - AmaZon, EBay, SOE (makers of Ever Quest) - built their community infrastructure around a shared, meaningful activity other than pure socializing.

Danah Boyd makes a similar but different (and also valid) point. Fundamentally, ConText is missing from what one is presenting... This articulated concern suggests that users are aware that, in everyday activity they present different information depending on the audience.

JonUdell gets more traffic from Stumble Upon than anywhere else, but still can't get himself to use it often enough to make it smart. The general problem, for me, is that I refuse to invest in closed social networks (SocialNetworking). Life's too short to participate actively in LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, FlickR, and all the rest. When I met Gary Mc Graw this summer, he said: "People keep asking ask me to join LinkedIn, but I tell them I'm already on a network: the InterNet." I feel exactly the same way... Once upon a time, Kim Cameron pioneered the idea of a Meta Directory. Today, he's laying the foundations for the kind of metacommunity that the Internet has always needed to be. My inclinations are the same, although I wonder whether there's still a "market" for a New Market.

Would an Open Social Networking Model help?

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