Picking a Future Home Recognizing Climate Change

At some point we'll want to move, and I want to think through a climate change future.

This is tricky, possibly pointless, because of the unknown-unknowns. And sometimes it feels like "every place will be hopeless" (collapse). But trying not to sink into crazy survivalism.

So I'll try to thread that needle and be pragmatic....

I feel like rural areas are going to be the worst.

But NYC doesn't feel ideal, either.

  • flooding streets
  • flooding subways, basements
  • covid-19/pandemic elevator situation
  • too many people to bring outside resources to?

So thinking about mid-size city, but not sure about it.

Some criteria at first blush

  • walkable
  • not south (heat)
  • not Red (crazy)

Going to assemble some articles (saved a bunch Jan20'2024), and try to integrate their inconsistent recommendations.

Feb'2024: Start from list of cities over 100k. https://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities. Suck them into googlesheet.

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