process of easing the consumption of Audio content via RSS

named after the IPod

Dave Winer, Adam Curry heavily involved



Doc Searls explains - http://garage.docsearls.com/node/view/462


What is its essence (to me)?

  • eliminating perceived latency in receiving large/binary files by pre-fetching them based on a channel-subscription model.

Some origins: links from Dave Winer's archives - at what point does this really become PodCasting? Based on my previous point, I'd say from the very beginning

  • Oct31'2000 Virtual Bandwidth - * Adam wants the Internet to be Everyman's broadcast medium, to route around TV and radio broadcast networks, with no compromise in quality.*

  • Jan11'2001 Payloads For [[RSS]] - focused on video

  • Jan19'2001 Adam keeps plopping cool stuff into my enclosures folder. This morning I watched a short movie called The Battle of the Sexes.

  • Jan29'2003 How to support enclosures

  • Jan31'2003 I just watched a movie of Adam's family playing Monopoly from his payload channel.

  • Oct7'2003 The recent interviews, Curry, Rosen, Apcar and Jarvis are in the special RSS feed with enclosures.

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