Something that will happen post-Collapse as people abandon areas of Sprawl. Something we could do on purpose even without a Collapse, given our low overall Population Density.

  • - Pleistocene fauna in the Americas included giant sloths; short faced bears; giant polar bears; several species of tapirs; peccaries; the American lion; giant condors; Miracinonyx ("American cheetahs", not true cheetahs); saber-toothed cats like Xenosmilus, Smilodon and the scimitar cat, Homotherium;[3] dire wolves; saiga; camelids such as two species of now extinct llamas and Camelops;[4] at least two species of Bison; stag-moose; the shrub-ox and Harlan's muskox; horses; mammoths and mastodons; and giant beavers as well as birds like teratorns. In contrast, today the largest North American land animal is the American bison.[5]

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