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The entire US population, if living at the density of Brooklyn Ny (35k people/sqmi), would need only the area of New Hampshire to fit. Ryan Advent adds that the whole global population, living at the density of Brooklyn, would be able to fit within the borders of Texas. And if we were willing to get things as tight as Manhattan, the land area of Virginia would serve us just fine.

Does not require all-SkyScraper environment. JulieCampoli and AlexMacLean’s book VisualizingDensity vividly illustrates that we can achieve tremendous density without high-rises. They point out that before elevators were invented, two- to four- story “walk-ups” were common in cities and towns throughout America. Constructing a block of these type of buildings could achieve a density of anywhere from 20 to 80 units an acre. Mid-rise buildings ranging from 5 to 12 stories can create even higher density neighborhoods in urban settings, where buildings cover most of the block. Campoli and Mc Lean point to Seattle where mid-rise buildings achieve densities ranging from 50 to 100 units per acre, extraordinarily high by U.S. standards.

see Traditional City

  • Nathan Lewis says: Using the 100,000 people per square mile of some of Paris' residential districts (in the Traditional City style of buildings generally no higher than six stories)....


Or is gross City Size more important? 2007-04-18-UrbanGrowthBenefits

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