Security And Privacy Threat Model

Protecting your Security and Privacy - why does it matter? If you're a "normal law-abiding citizen", what do you have to hide?

People who might spy on you, what you might want to hide, sources of risk, tactics:

Your spouse/Significant Other, your kids, etc.

  • what to hide?
    • strange ideas you don't want to share
    • private notes about them
  • source of risk: sharing your hardware
  • tactics
    • turn on basic privacy settings (swipe patterns, password) to log into your machines
    • use something like MacOs X Work Space-s to semi-hide your personal stuff that you keep open, for when letting someone use your machine "just for a minute"

Your teacher

Your boss and his lawyers

Person at another table in the Coffee Shop

Your service provider (TelCo, CellCo/CableCo, HotSpot, Google, Apple Computer, Microsoft)

Your Health Insurance or Life Insurance company

Business competitors (esp via foreign governments)

Foreign governments (if/when you travel there)


  • what to hide
  • sources of risk
    • things you post on Social Media sites, even if "private" to your FaceBook "friends"
    • your EMail
    • your email/phone Address Book, stored in a WebMail account or synched to your Mobile OS Back Up
    • even if you trust your service provider not to read your stuff for their own sake, that doesn't mean they won't hand it over to BigGov, even without a warrant
    • Note CALEA risk in the future.

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