Smart ParaTransit

Mark Gorton (2008) concept for a Real Time AutoMobile/Van/Taxi/Car Pool/Ride Sharing Market/dispatching system. New form of Mass Transit?

  • The physical transport component is a large fleet of dynamically routed vehicles: small vans, large vans, small buses, and large buses. As opposed to typical mass transit today, these vehicles would not run on predetermined routes. Instead, a central computer collects information about requested trips, figures out how best to group passengers, and dynamically dispatches vehicles to service the required trips. (not about serving the disabled)
  • Paratransit is the term used in North America, also known by other names such as community transport (UK), for transportation services that supplement fixed-route mass transit by providing individualized rides (on-demand) without fixed routes or timetables... The more general meaning includes any transit service operating alongside conventional fixed-route services, including airport limousines and carpools.[2] Since the early 1980s, particularly in North America, the term began to be used increasingly to describe the second meaning: special transport services for people with disabilities. In this respect, paratransit has become a subsector and business in its own right. The term paratransit is rarely used outside of North America.

He might have TOPP develop Open Source software for the system.

Some people note similarity of GoLoco.

Eric Britton has a related idea.

key concepts

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