Alexander Patterns

This will be the focal page for some linked excerpts of A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. The scope ranges from room details to Society Design. You can free the full-text by buying the book or going to his site. (Some excerpts are re-worded a bit to directly use WikiNames instead of making those pattern names as redundant labels in the text. So the wording here may be a bit less elegant at times...) There's a strong SmallWorld flavor here.

Is this the full set/text?

I'm focusing here (initially) on patterns that related to education and work organizations. There are 253 patterns in all. Here's someone with very brief summaries of all the patterns.

This Pattern Language has a medium-PopulationDensity smell to me (not so much the list above, but the other items in his language): maybe applicable to an Edge City or smallish city, but not necessarily a NYC (or other really-big city). Maybe we need an Urban Pattern Language.

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