Snack Food

some things some gurus thing are acceptable snacks

  • hmm, think of this as the potential menu for a Third Place that doesn't try to be a restaurant but wants to offer a breadth of food cheaply/easily, like a French cafe wanting to go beyond a Croque Monsieur
  • New Evolution Diet argues
    • most snacks are bad - contain sugars
    • if you're eating right at meals you should only need those 3 meals
    • it's good for your metabolism to give your body some hunger time

protein bars, protein shakes

fruits, vegetables

sliced light meat

low-fat string cheese


hummus (chickpea)

nuts (dry-roasted, unsalted)

natural peanut butter

hard-boiled egg

baked tortilla chips; soy chips

  • salsa; guacamole (avocado is Good Fat)

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