Survey Course

Course that covers a wide range of related topics in a short period of time.

Provides Context and inspiration for further study (esp Independent Study). Or something to say at cocktail parties.

Liberal Arts: 2011-11-15-GreatBigIdeas[[Liberal ArtsVideoCourse]]


  • Intermediate Mathematics for someone who only know Basic Arithmetic - anyone know an awesome Video course?
  • A Transition to Advanced Mathematics: A Survey Course ISBN:0195310764 promotes the goals of a "bridge" course in mathematics, helping to lead students from courses in the Calculus sequence (and other courses where they solve problems that involve mathematical calculations) to theoretical upper-level mathematics courses (where they will have to prove theorems and grapple with mathematical abstractions). The text simultaneously promotes the goals of a "survey" course, describing the intriguing questions and insights fundamental to many diverse areas of mathematics, including Logic, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Real Analysis, Statistics, Graph Theory, and Complex Analysis.

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