Third Party Java Script

JavaScript executed on a page from a server different from the JavaScript's server.

aka Widget

Aug'2012: Web Browser features for it that don't exist yet?!?

== Book by Ben Vinegar and Anton Kovalyov (DisQus guys) ==

Uses Flask Python Web Framework for example code.

Ch 1.3.2 - considerings using IFrame before sticking with inline ThirdPartyJavaScript

Ch 2.5 - passing arguments/parameters

  • I think window.location.href will work for me. Except this is on the client side, and I'd really rather just pull all the brains on the server side...
  • I suspect I'll try just using Referer
    • in WebPy this involves using the ctx library.
    • yep this works great!

Ch 3.1 - outputting HTML

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