Python Web Framework

Python WebAppFramework/Application Server options

All the WebApp pieces - framework, config mgmt, etc.

My experiences

My personal projects (to replace Zwiki-based WikiEngine and build new things

Work - Living Independently - 2003-2007

  • Zope v2

    • DTML is awful

    • ZPT is even worse

    • having code stuck in ZODB drives me nuts (and never got around to File System products, etc.)

  • our senior developer started working with Rhubarb Tart, ran into some speedbumps and wasn't thrilled with level of community of support

  • considered Django

  • went with CherryPy

Why go with anything thicker than WSGI? Bill De Hora noted ETag support is just one example; there are so many things frameworks like Rails/Django do ranging from architectural patterns around Application State management, to URL design, to testing, to template dispatching, to result pagination, right down to table coloring that the cumulative effect on productivity is startling.

note from when starting up Living Independently work

I'm going to be building some webapps used by both employees and (retail) clients. I want to use Python to build them. What should I use? Data Store will be PostgreSQL.

Some criteria for consideration:

Some options:

Template System

Some opinions:

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