Wikinews is a free-content news wiki and a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The site works through collaborative journalism. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has distinguished Wikinews from Wikipedia by saying "on Wikinews, each story is to be written as a news story as opposed to an encyclopedia article."[2] The neutral point of view policy that Wikinews claim to have, has an aim to distinguish it from other citizen journalism efforts such as Indymedia and OhmyNews.[3] In contrast to most projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikinews allows original work under the form of original reporting and interviews.[4] As of August 2021, there are Wikinews sites active for 29 languages[1] comprising a total of 1,663,849 articles and 600 recently active editors.[5] Wikinews editors are known as wikinewsies.

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